Art Direction, Design, Animation, Illustration

CNN Digital Labs Branding

Art Direction \ Design

Produced at CNNMoney


Adapt. Experiment. Interact.


Digital Labs is about creating innovative solutions. Our work spans across multiple platforms ranging from videos, interactive, spacial, and tangible designs.


We adapt creatively to current styles and produce thoughtful experiences for our clients. We also pride ourselves in experimentation, always creating new and engaging work connecting digital technology to physical spaces. Our aim is to provide our clients the ability to interact with their audience in a smart and meaningful way.


Because of this, Digital Labs is always in flux. Our brand evolves...

The logo is designed to be modular and have the ability to adapt itself within the changing digital landscape; and to always stay fresh and contemporary. The two modules flip around, rearranging itself as if testing to get the best combination. The only constant is the CNN logo acting as anchor.


With this concept in mind, the logo becomes an experiment in itself. We allow our clients to interact with our brand the same way they expect us To create engaging content for their audience. The modular logo becomes a metaphor of our talents as creators, producers, designers, editors, videographers, and animators. We are Digital Labs.


Adapt. Experiment. Interact.